Kōshō-san Shōyuuji Temple ・・・ The Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Kōshō-san Shōyuuji Temple ・・・ The Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Greetings from Hotel International House Osaka. This is Mathew and I am here to tell you about one of my favorite things about Japanese culture. Japan has a very rich and long history especially when compared to many western societies. Their history goes back hundreds of years and their culture, like many other places in the world, have changed over the years. In the modern age, Japan has grown to be country that has made leaps and bounds in technology and architecture has moved to a western style of concrete skyscrapers and compact housing. However, the most interesting part about this is that they did not throw away the old to make room for the new. Instead, all of the new buildings and technology in Japan is built next to these old historical and monuments and buildings. One of the ways this is represented is through all of the temples you can find in Japan.



This picture was taken from a small temple near our hotel called Kōshō-san Shōyuuji Temple. It is right across the street from our hotel and is only a 3-minute walk away. This beautiful little temple is in the middle of the city surrounded by large skyscrapers that tower around it. On the temple grounds you will find an elegant temple that shows off the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture and a small little garden.



You can find these kinds of things all over Japan. Whether it is temples like this, a large temple where you can do a lot of walking, or a building that looks out of place in the concrete cities, you can always find remnants of traditional Japanese culture wherever you look. It is truly a fascinating sight and there are other sights like this near our hotel, so we hope you take the time to come and visit.




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