Don Quijote Uehonmachi.. Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Don Quijote Uehonmachi.. Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


 Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff June here. Today I would like to introduce a grocery store that very popular within both local and foreigner, especially for the one who love shopping in Japan.

 Have you heard about the name of Don Quijote? Don Quijote is a very popular discount chain store in Japan, which selling various kinds of goods, for example, food, medicine, cosmetic, daily goods and stationery…etc. Can you imagine a grocery store with 2-5 floors and selling thousands kinds of goods? It is really a paradise for those shopping lovers! Furthermore, you may not only be surprised by the diversification of the goods are sold here, but you must also be impressed by the price in this store, it is usually a lower price comparing with other stores in Japan.


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The store also has a very long opening hour, the one near to our hotel open from 10am to 5am, you may continue to buy all the things you want until midnight! It has duty free service and the credit cards also can be used, these really convenient for the tourist. Don Quijote is not only popular within locals but also a store you should never miss when you come to Japan.

It is such an amazing store which is selling various kinds of goods in a low price and with an extremely long opening hour, and the Uehonmachi branch of Don Quijote is really near our hotel, it only take 3-5 minutes from our hotel to Don Quijote.




Are you excited about Don Quijote? Let’s stay in our hotel and enjoy shopping from day to night!


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