Four seasons of Osaka Part 1 (Spring) ・・・Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Four seasons of Osaka Part 1 (Spring) ・・・Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff Cooper here.

Today I would like to introduce the Spring of Osaka.

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Osaka formerly known as Namba was originally the first of Japan. Food lovers love to visit Osaka to try out the various special delicacies that are found in the city that holds the nickname Nation’s Kitchen. With Osaka Castle as its main attraction, tourists from all over the world visit Osaka on a seasonal basis.

Spring (March-May)

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When the “Sakura” flowers along the beautiful "Okawa" River, the symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka, are in full bloom, a wide range of boats operate as the Okawa River Sakura Cruise over a limited period. Just cost 10 minutes you can arrival “Tenmanbashi” station by subway.

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Along with it are the “Sumo” tournaments that are considered as Japan’s counterpart for wrestling and the nation’s national sport. Thousands of people go to Osaka to view the “Sumo” wrestlers during this time of the year. If you want to go to view the “Sumo”, it just cost 10 minutes by subway to arrival the EDION Arena Osaka at “Namba” station.


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