Saturdays Surf NYC Osaka・・・Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi


Saturdays Surf NYC Osaka・・・Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi


 Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff Shirley here.


Today I would like to introduce a place for either whom you are looking for a cozy place to kill time or a coffee-lover. Especially it is one of my top three favorite coffee shop in Osaka. That is Saturdays surf café NYC Osaka. Saturday surf NYC, is a New York based menswear, clothing and lifestyle brand. There are two floors, the  is first floor is for you to relax and have a cup of good coffee, after a cup of good coffee, you may go to the second floor for a little bit shopping.


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So it is not only a place for you to shop but also a place to drink a cup of good coffee while reading. How wonderful is that!

Besides the good coffee, cakes and donuts are also served.

I actually did spend my whole afternoon there.




You may take a look at the picture down below.

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Take the subway from shitennouzimaeyuuhigaoka station(四天王寺前夕陽ヶ丘駅),transfer at tennoji station (天王寺駅)and take the midousuzi(御堂筋線)to shinnsaibashi(心斎橋駅), it will take you aro nd 10 minutes by walk.


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