Osaka Aquarium・・・ Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi


Osaka Aquarium・・・ Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi



Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff Shirley here.


Today I would like to introduce the Osaka aquarium.


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 It encompasses 620 species, including dolphins, otters, sea lions, sharks and a lot so on. It is over 15 large tanks as you can imagine.

I forgot how long dose it take for me to go through every floor, what I remembered is that I have been taking tons of beautiful pictures in front of the tank.  


Besides all these, what impressed me the most is the tunnel shaped tank that makes you feel like you are literally walking underwater.

I, personally feel my soul is healed when looking at these  fish swimming.


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You may also have interaction with the marine animals, there is a zone of touching pool, visitors can actually touch the sharks and feel its skin.

How amazing is that!

Furthermore, there is feeding time for marine animals, they also have schedule time for it, you get to see the feeding staff feeding these cute animals, to see what it really is like when they are eating.

After all the touring in Osaka aquarium, you may have a little bit of sightseeing nearby. You may go for food on first floor, do the shopping on second floor. There is a legoland on the third floor.

So i mean, isnt it the best place for the kids, you get to spend your all day in here.

The picture down below is the ferris wheel nearby, not only kansai International airport can be seen upthere, but also the panoramic view of osaka city.

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I really think its the perfect place for everyone to visit. If you are visiting Japan someday in the future, make sure to pay it a visit.

It will be worthwhile speanding your whole day here.


Take the subway from Tanimachi9-chome(S18), and transfer at Azawa station(S13) to chuo line, get off at Osakako. It will take you like 5 minutes on walk.



Hope you have a good day. Dont forget to follow us.




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