ZION...... Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi


ZION...... Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi



Greeting from Hotel International House Osaka, this is front desk staff Shirley here.


Today I would like to introduce a Korean BBQ restaurant named Zion.

When visiting Japan Osaka, I believe the first kind of food you will think of is either

Takoyaki (Octopus balls) or okonomiyaki( Pancake with meat or vegetable topping).

Besides these two, BBQ is also one of the ‘’must-eat’’ while visiting Japan.

Since it is a Korean BBQ restaurant, Kimchi and those home cooking dish with no doubt is served.

I forgot to mention , it is a all you can eat BBQ restaurant. If you are a Korean food lover,

you are at the right place.

Around 41kinds of food for you to choose, chicken , beef ribs, pig loin, squid sausage, kimchi fried rice,


You may take a quick look at the picture down below.

(Picture resource: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27073801/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)



Of all the side dish, I like the potato salad the most.

Even though I am not the locals, but my korean friends highy recommend it. That is how i know 

this nice place.


 If you prefer not to walk that much, then you may take the kintetsu to Namba, and take the midosuji line to Daikokucho .

Find the  exit 2, it will take you like 7 minutes by walk. 


It opens from 17:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:00).

It is closed on every Tuesday.

I wouldnt say it it huge, 32 seats available, so if you are going as a group of people, it is better for you to make the reservation first.



Hope you have a good day. Dont forget to follow us.




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