Moto Coffee・・・Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Moto Coffee・・・Blog of hotel in Uehommachi




Greeting from Hotel International House Osaka, this is ufront desk staff Shirley here.


Today i would like to introduce you a super awesome coffee named Moto coffee.

It is located by the riverside, which means you get to enjoy the view of the river while drinking your coffee.

It is NOT spacious but it worths you go for a visit.

I was there for its popular tiramisu, and it is just too popular that i was told its sold out by the time i was there.

That explains why i was there for the second time.

By the winter time, besides the heater they have placed near by each tables, they also provide the blanket for us to use.

The only thing i can recall  is that i was freezing but happy when i had this  pizza bread (not sure of the name) sitting outside seating for the first time.





FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to try this tiramisu on my second time visiting there.

Tiramisu with Gin in it.


There are a lot more cafes along the riverside , which I have visited most of them already ><.

As a coffee lover, this is the area that can not be missed out!


If you are staying in our hotel, take the subway from Uehommachi station to Nipponbashi station. And transfer to Sakaisuzi line to Kitahama.

Find the exit 26, you will find the cafe easily.



Hope you have a good day. Dont forget to follow us.




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