3B Burgers&Steak・・・ Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


3B Burgers&Steak・・・ Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Salutations from Hotel International House Osaka. This is Mathew, and I am here to tell you about a fantastic restaurant that I had the privilege to be able to go to called 3 B Burger & Steak.


Located on the 14th floor of the Harukasu building, this nice American steak house themed restaurant not only serves the classic steak and burger options, but they also offer roast beef, which is not too common of a find here in Japan. The interior has a wooden theme that makes it feel just like one of the restaurants that you can find in America. The tables, dishes, walling, and flooring all use wood as the central point and it does well when it comes to the decorations that they use to make this place look as dashing as possible. Aside from the standard tables that you can sit at, they also have a bar like area that you can sit at and enjoy your dinner.


(Picture Resource: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270203/27098025/)


The dish that caught my attention the most when I looked at the menu was the roast beef gyudon called the Big Mountain Roast Beef. This dish not only tastes fantastic, but also looks absolutely beautiful. The first thing that you see when the dish arrives at your table is the roast beef wrapped around the rice in an elegant twirl. Inside is the rice, but over the meat is an over-medium egg, and onions that get topped with a sauce that you get to pour on the dish yourself. The roast beef is incredibly tender and soft to eat and almost melts in your mouth as you devour this fine dish. The next time that I go, I should definitely try one of their burgers.


(Picture Resource: https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001178169/food/)


If you are staying at our hotel, go to the shitennoji-mae Yushigaoka Station and take the Tanimachi line to Tennoji. Or if you would like to that the bus, go to the Kintestsu station, where you can take a bus to the base of the Harukasu building for 100 yen. You will then be able to find the resteraunt on the 14th floor. 




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