A Gift for our Foreigner Guests ・・・Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


A Gift for our Foreigner Guests ・・・Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Greetings from Hotel International House Osaka.

This is Mathew here to tell you about one of the fantastic presents we have for our oversea guests when they check-in to our hotel. We often change the items that we give away to make sure that our reoccurring guests have something new to look forward to when they check in. This time we have a reversable bag that is designed with the same materials that is used when they make Japanese Kimonos. This way you can change the design just by turning it inside-out and still enjoy this work of Japanese culture. This little Japanese themed gift is perfect as a souvenir to bring back home with you. We hope you all will enjoy this gift and we look forward to what will come in the future.




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