Bairan ・・・ The Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Bairan ・・・ The Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Greetings from Hotel International House Osaka. This is Mathew and today I am going to tell you about an amazing Chinese restaurant called Bairan that I just recently had the pleasure of being able to eat at. Now the first thing that I want to explain is that American Chinese food and Japanese Chinese food are slightly different. A lot of times the ones in America are more like fast food and you get a lot of one thing to eat. Usually the food is a breaded chicken with some sort of sauce or something that could easily be made like a stir fry. However, the ones in Japan offer a larger variety of Chinese food that doesn’t feel like fast food at all. Though I must say, both are very delicious, and I recommend at least trying both to be able to understand what I mean. Lately I have been missing that sweet taste of American Chinese food and wanted to see if a restaurant had anything similar to what I used to love eating. This restaurant not only has that type of food that I am looking for, but also a selection of foods that are like normal food.


When I was first looking at the menu, I had a hard time deciding what I would try because it didn’t look like the Chinese food I like. While the other food did look very good, my mood today was to be able to eat that food again, so I had my eyes set on finding something that looked like orange chicken. To my surprise I was actually able to find something that looked like orange chicken and I knew in that instant that I wanted to order this dish. While it didn’t taste like orange chicken, it was still delicious and had the same texture that I know and love, so it made it worth the while. I also ordered another dish with chicken that had more of a peanut taste to it that was also very good. Overall the food tasted very good and was a nice chance to be able to have this kind of food again.



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If you are staying in our hotel, just take the Kintestsu line to Namba, and from there you walk to Namba City, which takes about 5 minutes, where you will then find the restaurant on the 1st floor.




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