Nara Park ・・・ Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Nara Park ・・・ Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Greetings from Hotel International House Osaka. This is Mathew here to tell you about a beautiful place in Japan that is only a little over an hour away from our hotel. Nara Park not only has traditional Japanese shrines and temples, but it also has tons of trees that make for a truly enchanting place. There are plenty of different areas that you can go to and see, so it is good if you are in the mood to walk around a bunch and see this beautiful place. One of the things you may have heard about this place is that they have a lot of deer around the park, which is true. These rambunctious rascals seem to be fairly calm around people and you will see many of the guests walk up to the deer to pet them or take a picture. People that visit can buy little snacks that they can feed the deer with, so if you think it would be fun to feed the deer, this is the place for you.


My favorite part is the shrine that is in the woods. It is a beautiful area that has tons of trees, and the pathways are lined with lanterns. When the lanterns are lit, I’m sure it would be an absolutely breathtaking experience. It also has a lot of walking, especially up and down hills, so make sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes. Along one of the trails past the exit, there are also a few buildings from hundreds of years ago. So much history is in those buildings, which alone is enough to make me want to learn more about it.


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If you are interested in going and our staying at our hotel, just take the Kintestsu Nara line to the Kintestsu Nara Station, where you then only have to walk about 8 minutes before you arrive at Nara Park.




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